Wifi Zigbee Smartphone Control irrigation sprinkler system drip
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Product details

Material: PP + solenoid valve
Power supply: 4 No. 5 alkaline batteries Signal: 433 radio signal
Open distance: ≤100m
Water pressure: 0.2~8 Bar
Water temperature: 0-70℃

1. Remote control of water valve on/off by cell phone
2. Watering according to water consumption and time duration, can be switched at will
3. Cycle irrigation or single irrigation
4. After setting the timing program, it can continue watering according to the set timing even after disconnecting from the network.
5. Statistics record monthly and each time watering amount and time duration
When watering is on, the watering amount and time spent will be fed back to cell phonen real time, and there is a water shortage reminder when there is no water.
7. Delay watering in rain and snow
8. 433, zigbee and blue-tooth protocols have their own advantages, please consult with the business for details
9. Device sharing
10. Intelligent linkage function
11. Can be connected to intelligent voice control watering
12. Need qateway networking, signal is more stable