Why do you choose Wei?

As the security technology gradually integrated and intelligent, the traditional extensive development ideas have gradually keep pace with the times, only the strength of science and technology research and development, professional products and services combined to allow enterprises to grow and develop. America science and technology mainly engaged in security product development, production and sales, the company production of anti-theft alarm host and alarm EAVS video server, infrared detector, shooting and other products have been widely used at home and abroad customers, has won the customer's recognition and praise.

Rely on a strong and solid R & D technology, the continuous introduction of innovative products, is making the enterprise continue to rise to a new level, to provide customers with more and more innovative security products. Dedicated to America science and technology to provide customers with comprehensive, professional and high quality service. Help customer success is our common survival mode, create value for customers is our common value, hope to be able to America science and technology with many partners, the value chain together to create a win-win cooperation. Welcome to the common development and the America science and technology enterprises and contact us.

Cooperation condition:

1, agree with the company's sales, service and other aspects of the concept;

2, a certain economic strength, with good reliability;

3, have a certain business experience in the relevant industry;

4, relatively perfect sales and service system;

5, the company's business license, tax registration certificate, corporate code certificate and the relevant bank credit certificate copy